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    The BOSS

    Boss Jerk Sauce is a 50 year old recipe.  Passed down and created by my father.  He made the sauce to season the chicken and pork for our family gatherings and parties.

    My father was the owner of a Mechanic shop and Bar, called Shelterock, in Kingston, Jamaica.

    Everyone called him 'boss'.

    History of Jerk

    Where did the word 'jerk' come from?  Jerk refers to a way that a meat, be it chicken, beef, pork, goat, fish, vegetables, or fruit is seasoned and cooked.  

    This style comes from Jamaica.

    ***Jerk cuisine is  a combination of culture, authentic flavors and slow cooking.

    The Ready Made Sauce

    One Sauce

    Keep your life simple with just one sauce. a simple sauce with a lot of flavor and a smoky aroma.

    Boss Jerk Sauce, a Jamaican jerk sauce.

    Reach for Us!!!

    For purpose of seasoning sauces for chicken, fish, meats and vegetables.

    For the purpose of grilling meats, fish, and vegetables.

    For dipping meats, fish, and vegetables.

    As dipping sauces for chips and crackers.

    For adding to your already made sauce, making it spicier.

    Enhancing bland foods, creating versatility to your meal preparations.

    Using only the highest quality fresh ingredients,

    Let's Talk....

    "The spices, the colorful flavors, the smoky aroma.......The taste of Boss Jerk sauce  cooking , will be memorable to your friends and family.

    Its an Entertainment Sauce

    Its a Ready-Made,




    All Natural Ingredients,

    Refrigerate after opening,

    Reach for us !!!


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